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Engineer-Constructor Firm «Vikstar»


Limited liability company Firma VIKSTAR was founded in 1993. For more than 20 years of activity in the design market, the company has designed and implemented various facilities among which are health facilities, administrative and industrial structures, food outlets, multi-storey apartment blocks and detached houses. The specialists of LLC Firma VIKSTAR make all sections of the project documentation of all design stages that is draft design, project, working design and working documentation concerning architecture, constructions, electricity supply system, water supply system, sewerage system, heating, ventilation etc. We provide counselling services, as well as assistance in writing medical challenges and health programs for the design of health care institutions.

The main criteria of our work are the maximum consideration of the customer’s tastes and the embodiment of these wishes in accordance with the current building codes and rules. We accompany the facility construction at the level of customer assistance in obtaining permissive documentation, carrying out the architectural supervision and facility commissioning, if necessary.

Our architects take into account all the existing town-planning conditions that help to harmonize the newly designed building with the present environment.

LLC Firma VIKSTAR collaborates with architects of Great Britain, France, Canada and Germany.

In addition to the project activities LLC Firma VIKSTAR performs a wide range of construction works. There are restaurants and residential buildings among the facilities we have built. In addition to the new construction we carry out works related to the repair of existing buildings and separate premises.